Now we are launching the crowdfunding campaign “Our 80’s”; a photo exhibition about political empowerment, Stockholm and punk during the years 1985-1989. The exhibition will take place in the autumn of 2015 in Stockholm.

In order to start up this project, we are campaigning between October 1 - November 15 through Kickstarter. The money will be used for the purchase of a professional film scanner, external hard drives and travel expenses to collect material.

The project Our 80’s highlights and addresses different aspects of the political climate of the 80’s while framing Stockholm's cultural and architectural history at the time. The project will culminate in a photographic exhibition, a short film, a photo book and an anthology. A large part of the images have never been shown before to a larger audience.

To jointly reflect on a time that has been lost, over a city that is constantly transformed, over a youth who fought for better conditions at a housing market that became increasingly harsh is a matter not only concerns a gang of former punks and political activists. Our story told through our pictures are relevant for many more people.

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Photo: Tomas Josefsson ©

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